Areas of exploration on our journey together down the rabbit hole


I am a Spiritual Architect and I assist in helping souls see and be through awareness, love and expansion

You are divine. Have you fallen in love with you yet?

Are you living from your mind or your soul?

Are you aware of energy and how you show up in the world?

Do you have Fear / Ego Conversations or Higher Self / Soul Conversations?

Have you called out your warrior spirit and walked slowly though it all?

Do you look away or do you stay?

Do you understand Congruency and why it equals empowerment & alignment?

What are your models of Reality?

Do you trust yourself and your experience? Are you in full surrender and do you remember?

What is your Souls Calling?

Money is energy, are you aligned and abundant?

Masculine & Feminine Energy.

Conscious Awareness & acting from a place of peace.

Creativity is healing, are you creative?

Have you began to heal your trauma?

Fuck Fear, what will you do?

Have you built sacred space?

Do you respect your rhythm in Flow?

Do you use meditation & creative visualization to bridge your magic and grounding to make manifest?

All is but a mirror for us to see, have you integrated your shadow side into your light?

 Do you feel free? Are you a victim or a victor?

Do you harness your sexual energy, voice, creativity and personal power?

Have you embodied ZERO FUCKS & BE LOVE FLOW because you know?

work with me:SOUND HEALING

Move into a state of trance.
Release Resistance.
Increase awareness.
Align, mind body & spirit. 
Heal through sight & sound & you will be found. 

Sound Healing can help with:

*Clearing energetic blocks
*Sleep issues
*Managing stress

work with me:

Spiritual architecture*COACHING

Every day we are manifesting our realities whether we consciously realize it or not. From the thoughts we think to whether we raise or lower our vibrational frequency. To whether or not we understand and embody congruency in regards to our thoughts, words, actions, intentions and vibrations.

Do you find that you react or consciously  act? Do you react from a place of fear and contraction or act consciously from a place of awareness and love through expansion from your heart space? Are you having fear / ego conversations or        soul / higher self conversations?  Do you want the life they told you to want or do you want what you want? Do you feel safe to step out from the crowd or are you still hiding? Is your inner dialogue fear and control based or do you have soul conversations in love with yourself and your human experience?

Through awareness and walking our soul paths we can expand in a powerful way and experience freedom, abundance, peace and power.

We can go anywhere and we can do anything. We are powerful and through our alignment we can manifest anything on the astral plane and see it in our physical world. There is only alignment in the now that we need to focus on. We don’t need to do more or be more, what is meant for us won’t miss us. Trust the universe, trust yourself and trust your path.”
— Kendra Amos