Kendra is a writer, Spiritual architect, and SOUND healer . Highly intuitive and psychic she receives information through Clairvoyance – clear seeing, Clairsentience – clear feeling, Clairaudience – clear hearing and Claircognizance – clear knowing

I spent most of my childhood depressed, anxious and suicidal. Never feeling as if anyone really understood me or could see me and I couldn’t see myself, so self- love evaded me. Not realizing that I was an empath made my path incredibly confusing and challenging. Lost and acting from a place of fear and resistance to my experience I was plunged into darkness over and over. After almost 2 decades of consistent seeking, meditation and inner work I learned to thrive and was reborn over and over out of that very darkness. I have come close to dying a few times when cancer, car crashes, sexual trauma and a dog attack came knocking at my door. Metaphorically I have died thousands of deaths. After I got cancer at 19 and beat it that same year, I quickly realized that everything happens for us, not to us. Take that in and think about that statement because that means that you are being blessed by any darkness that surrounds you now.

New things are always born out of chaos and vulnerability gives us power so know that you are not weak if you currently feel that way. If you feel that you are struggling right now know that you are being blessed. Always. We can speak our truths and we can be free. We can choose not to be broken under guilt and shame and suffocated by our baggage to the point where we cannot take flight. We can choose not to be limited or defined by our life experiences. We can write new narratives and choose to expand in love. We can choose to integrate our shadow side and become whole. We all have healing to do as we find our balance. Where we find our balance is where we find our way. Healing is a miraculous thing, but it always takes time and requires inner work. When we heal ourselves we are able to make better decisions and maintain our balance which makes us powerful manifestors. We will be broken many times in our lives but we will be reborn over and over from form and function to magic and magnificence. We experience the most growth from healing and expanding in love and it always takes longer than we think it will to heal. The more we resist the longer it persists. Through my life experiences and in offering my stories and my truths from my point of reality I offer my words, support and love in hopes of inspiring you to claim your own truths and step into your authenticity. Our sexual energy is our power, our voice, our creativity our healing and our rebirth.  Join me as you claim all of who you are to step fully into your power and presence which is your birth right.