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For the longest time

I didn’t want to be seen so I did the in between. Walking between worlds. Somewhere magic and mysterious I was oh so serious. 

One day I caught my eyes in the mirror and I didn’t look away but my gaze lingered to stay and I had to say, to myself, wow look at you and this view, just keep being true, you’ll be born anew. You’re here, you’re doing it. Falling down, looking around, some days your lost in the frost and frozen and some days you’re found. Somewhere out there I started to see and be and when I faced my inner dark and deep I realized I was no longer asleep. I saw my mind as a liar so I set it on fire and embraced my true desire. 

When we really feel into the questions and we start to question it all it’s inevitable that we fall. 
The pain is most often the program. Fear. Anxiety. The hiding. The being watered down. Clinging to lost and not yet found, it’s quite profound. 

When we decide to no longer abide or hide, we end the program. Our power will always lie in our choices. I choose empowerment. What programs are you running? Who would you be if you were free to truly see? 

The real you is the silent witness who is powerful and peaceful, love and above. The real you is the presence under the noise within the void. The darkness that smashes into your light that you fight. The real you allows in full surrender because you remember. Transcend everything until you reach your still point in the night and you are brilliant and bright, so much light, it will be alright.

Spirit in flow, you are music and magic in movement.

ARe you ready to align with your authenticity? To be unabashedly you, without restraint, always moving in sync with your inner rhythm aligned with spirit in flow. Are you ready to tell fear to fuck off?

You are a divine and beautiful soul. Are you ready to step into your presence and live from a place of peace and power in love with yourself and your experience? You are powerful.


Do you feel powerful?




Kendra is a writer, Spiritual architect, and SOUND healer . Highly intuitive and psychic she receives information through Clairvoyance – clear seeing, Clairsentience – clear feeling, Clairaudience – clear hearing and Claircognizance – clear knowing

I spent most of my childhood depressed, anxious and suicidal. Never feeling as if anyone really understood me or could see me and I couldn’t see myself, so self- love evaded me. Not realizing that I was an empath made my path incredibly confusing and challenging. Lost and acting from a place of fear and resistance to my experience I was plunged into darkness over and over. After almost 2 decades of consistent seeking, meditation and inner work I learned to thrive and was reborn over and over out of that very darkness. I have come close to dying a few times when cancer, car crashes, sexual trauma and a dog attack came knocking at my door. Metaphorically I have died thousands of deaths. After I got cancer at 19 and beat it that same year, I quickly realized that everything happens for us, not to us. Take that in and think about that statement because that means that you are being blessed by any darkness that surrounds you now.

New things are always born out of chaos and vulnerability gives us power so know that you are not weak if you currently feel that way. If you feel that you are struggling right now know that you are being blessed. Always. We can speak our truths and we can be free. We can choose not to be broken under guilt and shame and suffocated by our baggage to the point where we cannot take flight. We can choose not to be limited or defined by our life experiences. We can write new narratives and choose to expand in love. We can choose to integrate our shadow side and become whole. We all have healing to do as we find our balance. Where we find our balance is where we find our way. Healing is a miraculous thing, but it always takes time and requires inner work. When we heal ourselves we are able to make better decisions and maintain our balance which makes us powerful manifestors. We will be broken many times in our lives but we will be reborn over and over from form and function to magic and magnificence. We experience the most growth from healing and expanding in love and it always takes longer than we think it will to heal. The more we resist the longer it persists. Through my life experiences and in offering my stories and my truths from my point of reality I offer my words, support and love in hopes of inspiring you to claim your own truths and step into your authenticity. Our sexual energy is our power, our voice, our creativity our healing and our rebirth.  Join me as you claim all of who you are to step fully into your power and presence which is your birth right.



Areas of exploration on our journey together down the rabbit hole


I am a Spiritual Architect and I assist in helping souls see and be through awareness, love and expansion

You are divine. Have you fallen in love with you yet?

Are you living from your mind or your soul?

Are you aware of energy and how you show up in the world?

Do you have Fear / Ego Conversations or Higher Self / Soul Conversations?

Have you called out your warrior spirit and walked slowly though it all?

Do you look away or do you stay?

Do you understand Congruency and why it equals empowerment & alignment?

What are your models of Reality?

Do you trust yourself and your experience? Are you in full surrender and do you remember?

What is your Souls Calling?

Money is energy, are you aligned and abundant?

Masculine & Feminine Energy.

Conscious Awareness & acting from a place of peace.

Creativity is healing, are you creative?

Have you began to heal your trauma?

Fuck Fear, what will you do?

Have you built sacred space?

Do you respect your rhythm in Flow?

Do you use meditation & creative visualization to bridge your magic and grounding to make manifest?

All is but a mirror for us to see, have you integrated your shadow side into your light?

 Do you feel free? Are you a victim or a victor?

Do you harness your sexual energy, voice, creativity and personal power?

Have you embodied ZERO FUCKS & BE LOVE FLOW because you know?

work with me:SOUND HEALING

Move into a state of trance.
Release Resistance.
Increase awareness.
Align, mind body & spirit. 
Heal through sight & sound & you will be found. 

Sound Healing can help with:

*Clearing energetic blocks
*Sleep issues
*Managing stress

work with me:

Spiritual architecture*COACHING

Every day we are manifesting our realities whether we consciously realize it or not. From the thoughts we think to whether we raise or lower our vibrational frequency. To whether or not we understand and embody congruency in regards to our thoughts, words, actions, intentions and vibrations.

Do you find that you react or consciously  act? Do you react from a place of fear and contraction or act consciously from a place of awareness and love through expansion from your heart space? Are you having fear / ego conversations or        soul / higher self conversations?  Do you want the life they told you to want or do you want what you want? Do you feel safe to step out from the crowd or are you still hiding? Is your inner dialogue fear and control based or do you have soul conversations in love with yourself and your human experience?

Through awareness and walking our soul paths we can expand in a powerful way and experience freedom, abundance, peace and power.

We can go anywhere and we can do anything. We are powerful and through our alignment we can manifest anything on the astral plane and see it in our physical world. There is only alignment in the now that we need to focus on. We don’t need to do more or be more, what is meant for us won’t miss us. Trust the universe, trust yourself and trust your path.”
— Kendra Amos





@ Ensele, 5030 Pkwy Calabasas, calabasas, ca 91302 / sound healing sessions @ the AWA oasia 608 mateo street, los angeles, CA 90021. @ Soulplay yoga 9711 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232


INITIATION: 30 minutes of sound healing

Fluid in flow you already know. $50

As we journey together in this 30 minute session we clear away the old that's already been told. Set new intentions, so bright, so much light. Custom oil mix, 2 different drumming flows, tuning forks, reiki and crystal singing bowls. You will be in and out without a doubt.

INTEGRATION: 40 minutes of sound healing

Shadow and light, so bright. $80

As we journey together in this 40 minute session we clear away the old that's already been told. Set new intentions, so bright, so much light. Custom oil mix, 2 different drumming flows, tuning forks, reiki and crystal singing bowls. We go deep, integrate more magic, take your leap.

ILLUMINATION: 60 Minutes of Sound Healing

Bright and true, new magic is moving through. $100

As we journey together in this 60 minute session we clear away the old that's already been told. Set new intentions, so bright, so much light. Custom oil mix, 2 different drumming flows, tuning forks, reiki and crystal singing bowls. Longer and deep, you will reap, more benefits.


tO BOOK: Use the link at the top.

BY PHONE: 213.277.8808







Reviews of recent sound healing sessions

Tammy, Anaheim, CA.

Kendra is a magic healer. I've been weighed down by a lot lately and walking into her space was a wave of calm empowerment. She was very through in explaining how everything works and what I might experience since this was my first sound healing session ever and was apprehensive but after listening to her, I feel open and calm and welcoming to whatever would happen and how I would feel after. Once my hour long session was over, my body felt physically heavy but my being felt light. And Kendra sat and talked with me through how I felt and reflect back on what it was that was holding me down and what relief I felt and what her intentions were for me while she was healing me through sound. It was an experience that I would go back for again and again to regain my balance and thoughts. Thank you Kendra for being so professional and present.

Ashley, San Francisco, CA.

Kendra is a beautiful soul. She has so much love to give. Her energy and what she does to help people when they are having a rough time in their life is something so powerful. She helped me clear so much blockage and very stressful anxiety. She has a true talent and I'm so glad she was able to help me clear all the bad energy and negativity in my soul. I highly recommend you come experience this for yourself. It's life changing and definitely something we all need. Definitely coming back.

Ashley, Los Angeles, CA

My first time experiencing something like this. Very relaxing and therapeutic. Had me connecting with a spiritual side of me that I didn't know needed clarity. highly recommend for inner peace and tranquility.

Tygh, Los Angeles, CA

I did a session with Kendra in Joshua Tree, and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I've been going through a major transition this year, and it hasn't been easy. The sound healing brought me so much clarification and peace. Kendra offers a very powerful, yet non-invasive healing. I highly recommend her with all my heart!

Matt, Monrovia, CA

My first sound healing was with Kendra. I had experienced sound baths before but there's so much more vibration & healing from the personal sound healing that Kendra performs. My body felt totally blissed & my energy was relaxed and balanced. Definitely will be going back for more healings. Thank you Kendra!

MR., Huntington Beach, CA,

Taking care of myself, mentally, has always been a personal journey. I've never handed over those keys and never needed to with how in-tune Kendra is with her healing. With no real expectations, just a goal in mind, I had one of the most transcendent experiences of my life. The stressors in my life were preventing my body from achieving homeostasis. I had lost some communication with the left and right sides of my brain, as if there was something in the way. Her drumming regained that connection and gave me a deep, profound calm in my head proceeding to flow from the head down the spine. And then the craziest thing happened! Transitioning to the tuning forks, Kendra released tension that had been built up from years of sports injuries. Mitigating that pain was a daily occurrence for me. Having lifted that from my body, as well as my mind, I can move uninhibited through my daily routines. Thank you Kendra! ~Power DOES come from Peace and Presence~




wisdom wordings



explore the rabbit hole


Every soul on this planet is on a spiritual journey.  If you are aware of your spiritual journey then you are a seeker and your intuition has led you here. Welcome! I would love to know about your journey and how I can assist you in your expansion through love. My passion is helping divine and beautiful souls like you get lit in love. I support you on your journey to become empowered so you can discover your truths, the right tools and healing modalities for you, to help you find your balance mind, body and spirit.

Are you ready to step into your power and live from a place of presence and peace in love with yourself and your experience? You are powerful. Do you feel powerful?